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Labrador Retrievers - Why Adopt a Rescued Dog

 Labrador Retrievers - Pictures
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There are lots of rescue organizations that deal with finding homes for abandoned, unwanted Labrador Retrievers or those from shelters. You can adopt a quality Labrador Retriever examined by a veterinarian with all the vaccinations done. A dog that experienced a series of stresses due to the owner loss and placement to unknown surroundings can be hard to socialize sometimes. Nevertheless, instructors at rescue organizations do their best to diminish the consequences of dreadful events and help a rescued Labrador recover. Since Labrador Retrievers are very intelligent and people-oriented, they get accustomed to their new home pretty soon.

Labrador Retrievers - Ways You Can Help

Rescue organizations are always looking for foster homes. As a foster, you should be able to provide a caring temporary home until a permanent home is found for a Labrador Retriever. Donations of dog food, crates, collars, leashes, toys and money are necessary for rescues to take care of the dogs waiting for their new homes.

Many rescue organizations need people who will transport or handle the dogs. You can help with transporting dogs from local animal shelters to their new homes or veterinarians. Handlers are needed at adoption events. In addition, if you have some time available during the week, you can help rescue dogs, pick up donations or spare some time taking care of the dogs. Rescue Labrador Retrievers can make wonderful family pets and it is a rewarding experience to adopt a rescue dog.

Labrador Retrievers - Clubs Links

Labrador Retrievers - Clubs Links - US

Lab Retriever Club of the Potomac - Serving the Maryland and Virginia area, the club provides rescue programs, results listings, an events calendar, and official contacts.

National Labrador Retriever Club - Created to preserve and promote the breed and further educate the public. Breeder listings.

Labrador Retrievers - Clubs Links - International

Retriever Club De France - Located in France.

Labrador Retrievers - Rescues Links

Labrador Retrievers - Rescues Links - US

 Labrador Retrievers - Pictures
Photo courtesy of
Alma Bottom Photo Gallery

Benevolent Animal Rescue Committee - Dedicated to the placement of Labrador and Golden Retrievers, this Riverside County, California, shelter also houses cats. View the list of available canines.

Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue - Non-profit, all volunteer Labrador Retriever rescue group based in Roaring Spring, PA, serves many counties in Pennsylvania and a few in New Jersey.

Central Indiana Lab Rescue and Adoption - Read the adoption FAQ or volunteer news, and browse photos and descriptions of available Labrador Retrievers. The group serves Indiana and Illinois.

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue - Non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to finding loving, life-long homes for displaced Labrador Retrievers. Located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Florida Lab Rescue - A volunteer rescue group that finds new homes for rescued Labrador Retrievers in South Florida.

Great Lakes Lab Rescue - Rescue and adoption of misplaced Labs in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Kentucky Lab Rescue - A volunteer organization dedicated to finding suitable homes in the Kentucky area for rescued Labrador Retrievers

Lab Rescue, Inc. - A non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to saving purebred Labrador Retrievers in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Labrador Education and Rescue Network - Group serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin assists in the rescue of unwanted Labrador Retrievers by placing them in homes through fostering or adoption.

Long Island Labrador Retriever Rescue - An all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the Rescue of Labrador Retrievers on Long Island.

Labrador Retrievers - Rescues Links - International

Labrador Rescue South East - Network of rescue groups aims to re-home and care for Labrador Retrievers in the southeast and central areas of England. View listings of dogs looking for good homes.

Labrador Rescue Trust - Team of over 130 works to find new homes for abandoned or homeless Labrador Retrievers, operates in the southwest of England and Wales, and is a registered charity.

Labrador Retrievers - General Information Links

 Labrador Retrievers - Pictures
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Bear's Corner Labrador Retrievers - Lots of pictures in many categories of a black Labrador.

Best and Worst Dogs for Security - Ranks breeds for guarding, protection, and watchdog barking.

Big Yellow Dog - Labrador Retriever links and information, interactive features, and online ordering of T-shirts for enthusiasts of Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breeders - Find classified ads of Labrador Retriever breeders.

Labrador Retriever Information - Contains information for owners, breeders and exhibitors.

Labrador Retrievers - Description, information on care and training, history and more.

The Voice for Dogs - News, abuse cases, puppy mills, kennel and rescue raids, lists of commercial and USDA breeders, canine legislation, and rescue issues.

United Kennel Club Recognized Breeds - Listing includes both well-known and rare breeds.

Ring of Labrador Retrievers - Web ring devoted to the Labrador Retriever. To belong, a site must be primarily about Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Retrievers - Other Labrador Retrievers sites

Labrador Retrievers Puppies - Labrador Retrievers are mellow dogs that are friendly to anyone who comes into sight. Do not purchase a dog on impulse. Discuss the issue of choosing a puppy from a litter with a breeder. It is the person who spends quite a lot of time taking care of little Labradors and it is no wonder that a breeder knows well each puppy's personality. Breeders often insist on buying a particular puppy. The reason is that they try to choose the best owner for their Labrador and think your character matches with the puppy's nature. Nevertheless, try to watch Labradors playing with each other. It will help you better understand their specifics of Labrador Retrievers.

The Labrador Retriever puppy will grow into a strongly built, medium-sized dog, possessing a sound, athletic, well-balanced conformation. These are even-tempered dogs that are always willing to please the master. Labrador Retrievers lead an active life style. Running with the kids, jogging beside a bicycle, catching a fling saucer somewhere in the park, the Labrador Retriever will still have much energy to spare.

Labrador Retrievers Pictures - Labrador Retrievers are sporting dogs that were the most popular breed in 2001 according to the AKC. Very likely that it is going to preserve its position for years to come. The breed displays excellent traits such as friendliness, devotion to its owner and willingness to please. What makes the Labrador a really precious thing is the fact that it is work-oriented. Its size is great enough for the owner to feel safe and small enough to keep the dog indoors.

Since the Labrador makes up a family of gun dogs whose initial purpose was hunting waterfowl and upland game it needs a lot of exercise. The dog enjoys swimming much no matter how cold the water is. It gladly retrieves various objects and has a habit of asking for treats. Do not give up under a pleading expression of those eyes. Cutting back on treats as well as much training will help to avoid obesity.

Labrador Retrievers Breeders - Labrador Retrievers are friendly dogs that seem to unite the most wonderful qualities. Breed fanciers state that the Labrador comprises all a human can desire. These dogs are beautiful, healthy, and well balanced. Those willing to acquire a dog should keep in mind that Labradors are very sociable. They will hardly be satisfied with an occasional petting on the head. The owners of Labradors are advised to spend much time with their pets to raise happy-go-lucky companions.

Labrador Retrievers are intelligent dogs. They need to be trained. Yet, training should be rather gentle. The dogs do not submit to harsh methods. Labradors like pleasing their owners. However, a treat is likely to make the dog work even more. Labrador Retriever owners state that they have achieved considerable success in raising their dogs due to much communication. When talking to the dog in a warm manner, the owners let them feel that they are needed and cared for. What else can a Labrador desire?

Labrador Retrievers - One of the most distinctive traits of Labradors is their coat. The Labrador Retriever has a double coat that helps the dog to repel water and allows to make a good hunting companion. The tail of the dog tapers at the end and is an indicator of the dog's mood. In fact, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most loved breeds in the world. In the United States, the Labrador is leading according to the AKC statistics.

What attracts people in the Labrador Retriever? The dog has wonderful personality traits, working qualities, and is a favorite of children. The breed is very active, yet not hyper. It is used mostly as a companion. However, the Labrador is the most popular guide dog. As a matter of fact, the breed has a lot of uses. It is friendly and devoted, which contributes to the qualities of the dog.

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