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Labrador Retrievers - Finding a Reputable Breeder

 Labrador Retrievers - Pictures
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Arcansas Caney Creek Kannel
Many people interested in obtaining Labrador Retrievers tend to think that a high price of a puppy suggests a high quality. They are totally mistaken. The price is not factor number one to determine a reputable breeder. Think about what a responsible breeder is supposed to offer you. Registrations? Quite so. But very often a registry only confirms that the puppy in question belongs to the breed called the Labrador Retriever. References? Sounds better. A responsible breeder is sure to have more respect among dog lovers than an irresponsible one. Papers concerning vaccinations done to a puppy are quite necessary. Do not fail to ask other questions. A reputable breeder of Labrador Retrievers will readily answer all of them.

Labrador Retrievers - Questions to Ask a Breeder

To determine a responsible breeder ask how long he or she has been involved with the Labrador Retriever breed. You need a person with some experience in the breed that interests you. A person who tends to switch from one popular dog breed to another when the latter looses some of its popularity is not very trustworthy. Find out everything possible about genetic diseases and defects in the breed. The fact is that some genetic problems are present in any dog breed. What is more important is to get to know what particular steps a breeder is taking to decrease them in the breed lines.

Ask to see both parents of the litter and learn about good and bad points of the parents. If you are buying a Labrador Retriever from a reputable breeder, there should be champions in the line. Ask a breeder to explain the pup's pedigree to you. See where the puppies are raised and how well they are being socialized. A good breeder is ready to take his dog back if, for some reason; you cannot cope with the Labrador Retriever ownership. Reputable breeders of Labrador Retrievers do not produce more than 1 litter a year and allow a dam some time to regain its health.

Labrador Retrievers - Breeders Links

Labrador Retrievers - Breeders Links - US

Bachman Mill Labradors - Puppies, stud service and bitches from English lines. (Westminster, Maryland, USA)

Bainbridge Labradors - Breeders of Labrador Retrievers and Veterinary related topics.

Bakbay Labradors - Photos and pedigrees of the Labs. Located in central TX.

Bayvue Labs - Oroville, CA Labrador Retriever breeder dedicated to breed conformation and soundness.
 Labrador Retrievers - Pictures
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Alma Bottom Photo Gallery

Beaver Creek Labradors - Virginia-based kennel breeds Labradors for the show ring, as gun dogs, and as companions. View a gallery of puppies or check out merchandise.

Canebrake Kennels - Learn about the successes and achievements of the dogs raised at this kennel. Includes photos of puppies and of the kennel champs.

Elementyl Labrador Retrievers - Breeder and exhibitor of multiple purpose Labrador Retrievers. Located in Palo Alto, CA.

Fischer's Kennels - Specializing in the training, and breeding of Retrievers for hunting and as companions. MN.

Gator Point Kennels - Breeding for excellence since 1980. Mississippi.

Hunters Marsh Retrievers - Breeders and trainers of old-fashioned classic Labrador Retrievers since 1971.

Karimar Kennels - Breeders of Labrador Retrievers and Gordon Setters with photos. Located in Fowlerville, MI.

Labrador Retriever - Deja Vu Kennel - Breeding and showing Labrador and Golden Retrievers since 1982. Visit this cyber kennel for information on this wonderful breed.

Labradors - Little River Kennels - Greg Tonkin, in Fort Payne, Alabama, has pictures of his dogs, and details of puppies occasionally available for sale.

Lone Star Labradors - Breeder of Labrador Retrievers with photos. Located in TX.

Meadow Lake Labs - Private breeders of exceptional Labrador Retrievers. Located in Colorado.

Oregon Retrievers - Field bred Labrador Retrievers. Puppies, started and finished gun dogs. Medford, OR.

Labrador Retrievers - Breeders Links - International

Alablloyd Labradors - Breeder and exhibitor of the Labrador Retriever with photos of dogs. Located in Australia.

Balcroft Reg'd Labrador Retrievers - Shows photographs and kennel history. Home to Canada's No.1 Labrador Retriever for 1998. Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

Hionia Sneznaya Champion of Russia - Breeder with photos and pedigrees of Labrador Retrievers. Dog shows in Russia.

Labrador Retriever Breeders Showcase - Access information on the Labrador Retriever and the breeder.

Someday Labrador Retrievers - Breeders of Top Gun dogs in Canada. Sold throughout North America.

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